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The Ba Gua

The Feng Shui Ba Gua is  made up of 8 Trigams, The centre is represented by the Tai Chi yin-yang symbol and health.

Each Trigram relates to a life aspect, as well as many other factors.

In BTB Feng Shui, practitioners overlay the Ba Gua over a floorplan, a room, a desk or any space as one of many ways to help identify relationships between the client and what is happening in their space and intrinsically, their life.

(Please feel free to right click on the Ba Gua image then save as, to save a copy of this Ba Gua for your own personal use)

To use the Ba Gua and overlay it correctly on the floorplan of your home, it's probably easiest if you stand at your front door, looking into your home.  You will always enter your home through the Helpful People & Travel Gua if your front door is on the right; Career & Life Path if your front door is in the middle or Skills & Knowledge if it is on the left.

You can then stretch the Ba Gua to fit your floorplan.or any space you wish.  The back left of your home will be the Prosperity Gua and the back right your Relationship Gua. Unless you have a square or rectangular home, you may find that you have bits missing, an  L-Shaped Lounge perhaps. 

Once you have done this, you can start to see if what's happening in area's of your home are reflecting in the same areas of your life.  In BTB Feng Shui, what is closest to you has the most impact on you.  

Maybe there's a dream you have for your life?  Using the Ba Gua, we can now work on enhancing the areas of your home to enhance the same areas in your life and start to make your dreams come true with Feng Shui..

Still not sure how to overlay the Ba Gua on your property? The Ba Gua below and floorplan with the Ba Gua overlaid on the whole property and individual room may help? Still not sure, please get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help.

The youtube video below by my esteemed teacher Karen Rauch Carter explains more