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Feng Shui Dreams


Elizabeth Barnes CFSP CFSS



Making your dreams come true with Feng Shui

Hi and welcome to Feng Shui Dreams!


Find out how I can help you improve ANY area of your life.


Wanting a love life or to improve your love life? More money, abundance and wealth? More opportunities to a better career? Improved living space? Increased creativity? Improved wellbeing? Fame or to be seen? Improved family relations?


Whatever dreams you have for your life I can help you with Feng Shui with a modern twist and incorporating spiritual and manifestation techniques proven to work. 

The fact you're here right now is destiny, as there's no such thing as coincidence!

I'm a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and a Certified Feng Shui Stager with 10+ years experience and a registered member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

I'm super passionate about Feng Shui and love sharing the benefits to help you change your life I offer virtual consultations, home consultations and if you know about Feng Shui and just need help to orientate the Feng Shui Bagua to your home, I can help with that too! 

Please visit my services page to see what services I offer for Feng Shui consultations or Space Clearing.


I'm also on Instagram and Facebook where you can DM me or follow me for Feng Shui tips, inspiration, enhancements and techniques to help you change your life and make your dreams come true with Feng Shui.


Follow your dreams and your

dreams will come true

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